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October Rains - A Good Day to Die

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 3:00 PM


October Rains; A Good Death


I fall asleep to rain in October.

The windswept raindrops pelt my windows and roof

They sooth me and I sleep hard

Like a winter bear dreaming-in the great migration of salmon.

Those hook nosed behemoths who circle and wait in the fringes of our rocky coast

For just this moment of autumn deluge,

Memory and sex driving them relentlessly

To search the flooding streambeds,

Nosing for the scent of home and safety.

For lodged in each reptilian brain lies a instinctual map to their spawning grounds,

The perfect place to drop their chromosomal package

And hurl themselves into the future.


King of Fish, benevolent gift of providence,

They fling themselves forward,

Plunging upstream,

Scraped and bruised by rock and gravel,

Until, in a final act of piscine ecstasy,

Expelling sperm and eggs over rock studded runnels,

And gasping,

They die in droves,

Covering the streambeds for miles with the stench

Of life and death.


And so, growling and frisking,

The bears feast with coyote and wolves, eagle and crow.

Every living creature sharing in this bounty of flesh

Sharp teeth crunch bone,

Tongues loll in loose lipped pleasure,

No appetite goes unsated,

Even the rooting mouths of the great Pacific Rainforests,

and taproots soak up nature’s bone meal and spoor soup,

As the rains continue,

Pressure washing the dust of late summer

From needles and cones

And the giants sigh a long satisfied breath

And the rains continue,

Enveloping the world in a mist that cleanses and permeates

To the very heart of the land.

We wooded creatures purr and circle soft beds in dark dens,

Welcoming the short winter days of silver shadows,

And sweet, dreamless sleep.




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