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The Need for Renewal

Posted on August 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM

The Need for Renewal


It didn’t used to be

So difficult.


At 30, renewal was everywhere,

Like women marching in the streets,

Taking Back the Night,

Taking back their bodies,

Taking back their souls,

Shave your head, pick up a sign,

Will yourself safe in the dark.


If only for a night,

We knew in that short

Emboldened parentheses of our daily lives,

That we were surrounded and lifted up

By hundreds of sisters,

The Army of Lovers that could not fail –

And didn’t really fail,

But seemed to fade away,

As we acquired our own singular bravery,

We no longer needed each other,

Or thought we didn’t, anyway.


And now, Daughters and Grandaughters

Spangled with metal piercings and graffitied with tattoos,

Leather-clad and rainbow-haired

Go fearlessly into the streets.

They have no need to “come out”

They were born out.


The old paradigm has shifted,

And we, the once young, bright, system crashing First Wave

Have sunk back into the homogeneous warm sea of humanity

That brought us so alive at their age.


I know what I know,

And my tired back was a bridge

For this generation of women.

Might they not at least

give us credit for suffering the first blows as

we sought justice and equality for our female-centric ways?


No, it’s not the way of a revolution,

And besides,

Too much looking back

While traveling at this rate of speed

Can cause accidents.


But must I content myself with living in the shadow

Of a lesbian nation I helped to create?

Must I allow myself to be cast

Into the pile of elders and crones

Whose stride is no longer strong,

Whose voices are no longer relevant?





I think not!

I am old, but I have lived the truth of this revolution,

And I will not be silenced

By either apathy or disappointment.


I am tired,

But I still have the strength to vote “The Woman Card”

And bring this patriarchy to its knees.


I am no longer young,

Dew-kissed and lovely,

But I will continue to model a life

Of value and valor

As a Grandmother and Wisdom Keeper to

The next wave of empowered women,

And to the wave after that,

Until I finally slip beneath

The restless currents of human consciousness

To my own deep and satisfying final resting,

Until the next time, anyway.


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