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Breaking Ice at Dawn

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Breaking Ice at Dawn


Slipping from warm bed into January dawn,

Well padded and clumsy with down,

Melting the brittle air in a world of cold silences,

Softened only by huff of horse breath

There, near my left shoulder

And behind my swaddled head.

He stands, expectant, beloved, waits

For my pick-ax to fall, patient

For this morning gift of water soaking

Through the splintering ice.

Massive head on graceful neck

Lowered now to drink, accepts

The daily offering of my labor.

Tiny shards of ice catch fire in the light,

Airborne crystals sparkle like jewels,

Stick to my coat and skitter across

The frozen pond. My arm arches with the rising sun

As I swing the ax in rhythm with my heart.


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