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Family Line

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 3:05 PM



I was tired of sitting

At the head of the table,

Presiding over empty chairs

And abandoned toys.

The armoire against the far wall

My only companion,

Unadorned doors of mahogany,

Gleaming darkly and closed tight,

Secrets stored elegantly

In an otherwise impoverished room.

My Thursdays were special

Because of her,

But it was already seven

And she had not come.

Suffused with angst

I searched the crowded drawers

Looking for her number,

Any number,

I needed someone to come for me.

The lethargy of my illness

Was drawing me down,

I soon became heavy with inertia.

I went to the patio to look

A breath of air,

And I saw that my family

Was all gathered there,

A rose tinted portrait

Of three generations

Sitting serene in a line of lawn chairs,

A solid but cheerful

Line of lawn chairs.




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