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The Need for Renewal

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 2:55 PM

The Need for Renewal

It didn’t used to be so difficult.

At 30, renewal was everywhere,

Like women marching in the streets,

Taking Back the Night,

Taking back their bodies,

Taking back their souls,

Shave your head, pick up a sign,

Pretend you are safe in the dark,

If only for a night, we knew in that short

Emboldened parentheses of our daily lives

That we were surrounded and lifted up

By hundreds of sisters,

The Army of Lovers that could not fail – but

Didn’t fail, but seem to fade away

As we acquired our own singular bravery.

And now, Daughters,

Spangled with metal piercings and graffitied with tattoos,

Leather-clad and rainbow-haired

Go fearlessly into the streets.

They have no need to “come out”

They were born out.

The old paradigm has shifted,

And we, the bright, young, system crashing First Wave

Have sunk back into the homogeneous warm sea of humanity

That brought us so alive at their age.

I know what I know and my tired back was a bridge

For this generation of women.

Might they not at least give us credit for warding off the first blows

As we sought justice and equality for our sex?

No, it’s not the way of a revolution,

Looking back can cause accidents,

Especially traveling at this speed.

Ru Otto 2015

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