It's not easy being a crone.
I'm lucky to be able to dance through this last aspect of the triple goddess living and working in my artist's loft, five stories up into the clouds, overlooking Everett, WA and Puget Sound, surrounded by like spirits.

Here, in my nest I can create and solidify my creative impulses into paintings and poems and stories, to educate and entertain myself and anyone who cares to look me up.
So, peruse my site at your pleasure and join me in celebrating the human spirit!

Merry Meet & Merry Part & Merry Meet Again,

"I am old, but I have lived the truth of this revolution,

And I will not be silenced

By either apathy or disappointment.


I am tired,

But I still have the strength to vote “The Woman Card”

And bring this patriarchy to its knees.


I am no longer young,

Dew-kissed and lovely,

But I will continue to model a life

Of value and valor

As a Grandmother and Wisdom Keeper to

The next wave of empowered women,

And to the wave after that,

Until I finally slip beneath

The restless currents of human consciousness

To my own deep and satisfying final resting,

Until the next time, anyway".

exerpt from Mixed Blessings, "The Need for Renewal", Ru Otto