Ru Otto's Sheltered Workshop   


       I am an acrylic and watercolor artist, a writer of poetry and short stories, and more recently, with the help of CreateSpace, I have become a bookmaker and published author.,

     I work alone, in my home, with a schedule fitted to my needs for rest and relaxed deadlines. This combined with my small income had me joking that I had created my own little sheltered workshop. The positive aspect of this is that I have a safe place to go when I am creating, and now I have this website, my own Boutique of Ru Otto creations, such as they are.

     It has been fun setting this up and I'm happy to be able to offer my art to you at reasonable prices. I accept Paypal, money orders and personal checks, so feel free to wander through my site and pick out something to brighten your day. For more information call me at 360-349-2334. Send checks or money orders to Ru Otto  2917 Hoyt Ave #509 Everett WA 98201. Thank you so much for your ongoing interest and support.   

                 Ever yours,


Diamonds (We're Beautiful Like Diamonds in the Sky)
Power Girl (2012 Silvester Celebration)